Remote Project

The REMOTE project will develop and implement support mechanisms based on existing best practise renewable energy solutions adapted for remote areas and to the scale of sparsely populated areas in the NPP regions. Thereby, REMOTE will promote rural development and support the capacity development of remote communities by providing technology demonstrations, business model examples, training, peer-to-peer support, and community mentoring. REMOTE will also stimulate investments on new demonstration sites, encourage their inclusion to the network, and support technology and knowledge transfer activities. Furthermore, renewable energy tourism in northern periphery region will be developed and promoted and thereby support tourism activities supported by long-lasting open-sources services and products. The unique transnational service menu of REMOTE will have options for industry, decision-makers, community groups etc. REMOTE will strenghten and solidify the contacts of peripheral communities thereby promoting renewable energy sources in the NPP region and supporting local, regional, national and EU policies regarding sustainable energy production. In this way, REMOTE will raise the awareness of the benefits of renewable energy sources and ensure energy security in the Northern Periphery area.

The project aims to build on and expand the products and services already developed in the NPP projects. The Northern Periphery area is unique in regards to; the high number of remote dwellings in rural areas, the availability of unique cultural experiences and events for tourists. A large share of these buildings has either no access to electricity or is depedent on producing energy from fossil fuels. The REMOTE projects aims to provide feasible solutions for renewable energies in remote areas adapted to the scale of sparesely populated areas and communities by providing information, products and services that are easily accessible to all similarly structured communities.

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In more detail, the main objectives of the project REMOTE are:

1) Promote rural development in the NPP region by

  1. adaptation of new business models and technology and thus boosting the creation of new local business and jobs
  2. support private-public partnerships
  3. promote regional ownership
  4. promote economic development in the NPP area
  5. empower local municipalities and communities
  6. strengthen rural entrepreneurs and SME´s
  7. promoting technology and know-how transfer between the different NPP areas

2) Promotion of renewable energy sources by

  1. demonstration of best practises
  2. promotion of synergies of different energy sources
  3. developing innovative dissemination tools
  4. establishing a training for trainers concept with active involvement of local stakeholders and trainers based on existing structures

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