Training the Trainers 

The REMOTE project has developed a set of workshop materials that are flexible enough to be used with this wide array of trainer types. These materials are a “product” of the project and have been made available to users in electronic format.  They will be available after the project end date, leaving a legacy of training materials.

The workshop material can be found under "Training Material".


REMOTE Videos: results of the REMOTE project are also available in the form of "Videos".


REMOTE  - Renewable energy demonstration sites

The REMOTE project increases and supports local capacities in renewable energy solutions across the Northern Periphery area. Thereby, the “kW plus -Renewable Energy Demonstration Sites, Handbook” compiles experiences from partners across the Northern Periphery region. The success of this effort will depend on the contribution of all partners and stakeholders involved in the REMOTE project. The "kW plus handbook" on demonstration sites and the mobile application on renewable energy demonstration sites, the "KW PLUS-App", can be found within the "Application Package".


REMOTE - Renewable energy study tours

The REMOTE study tour concept handbook is a guide for organizing renewable energy study tours. It describes and recommends points to consider in planning and includes practical hints that are especially useful for decision-makers, entrepreneurs and other professionals, where the most valuable outcome from the networking will be knowledge transfer and initiatives for further cooperation. The "study tour concept handbook" on renewable energy tours can be found within the "Application Package".

REMOTE - Sustainable Energy Tourism App

The Sustainable Energy Tourism App is a mobile application for renewable energy study tours. It is displaying renewable energy demonstration sites in the West of Ireland (Map of Ireland) including tailored information about each site. The "Sustainable Energy Tourism App" on renewable energy tours can be found within the "Application Package".


REMOTE Publications

Publications such as Infocards on demonstration sites, handbooks, presentations from workshops and conferences or posters related to contents of the REMOTE project can be found under "Publications".